Self-Empowerment Coaching

Are you struggling with who you are? Are you exhausted living a life others want you to have? Do you want your originality to be just yours? Has your life been turned upside down by changes such as divorce, marriage, children, job loss etc? Are you unhappy with your career, personal relationships including the one with yourself? Do you desire to go somewhere but don't know how? If today was your last day, do you have or have you done everything you wanted to do? Does personal freedom sound appealing to you? 

Self-empowerment is the continuous journey of eliminating the limiting beliefs and convictions we were and are conditioned to, about ourselves, others, and life. By making them conscious, understanding how they developed, and what purpose they served, you can begin a journey of empowering yourself.


By self empowering yourself, you release and unleash what is hindering your ability to grow, succeed, and live a wholehearted authentic life that belongs to only you. During the journey very quickly, you will begin to embody the highest vision you have for yourself, bringing your goals to reality as soon as possible, proving that investing in oneself is truly the most worthwhile for you and those who surround you.

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“The incredible thing about life is that you can choose to change, grow, and get better.  You are not defined by your past or your mistakes”

Jondrea Phelps-Hell