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To help women succeed, thrive, and empower themselves.



Cutting out people pleasing, perfectionism, and control by eliminating default behaviors and beliefs to maximize confidence, build resilience, and create space to be yourself without shame!

Can you relate?

Your life is good.  Sometimes it’s incredible and then has its challenges. You’ve worked your ass off to have a great career, maybe the “ideal” family, the perfect home, and everyone around you thinks you have it ALL together. But inside you’re frustrated, exhausted, lonely, anxious, and embarrassed. 









that your relationships are not as genuine and sincere as you would like them to be.


because you isolate instead of reaching out in fear of rejection.


of feeling the need to measure up and falling into perfectionistic patterns.

I 100% understand this because it’s exactly where I was for most of my life!

I am a recovering people-pleaser, perfectionist, that would strive to outperform others in order to feel accepted, proud, and successful.  When things failed, I tried harder which began a never-ending cycle of self-sabotage, feelings of failure, inadequacy, and exhaustion.

Is this you?


because of the expectations people and the circumstances around you or pressure to achieve a particular outcome.


that even though everything looks great on the outside, your self-confidence is lacking.

After nearly 30 years of it I said, "NO MORE BullSh*t" and dove deep into my behaviors and did inner-work, unlearned beliefs of others, and discovered life of just being me without shame.

It's completely and totally possible for you to live The No BullSh*t Life too! If you did, your life would be:



on things that matter to you that you have been avoiding.



to speak up when you need to, set boundaries, and know what to say.

Having the


to ask for help and from the right people.

Building the


you've always admired in others.

Having sincere genuine


with people who've earned that right.

I’ve combined ten years of studying Psychology and Human Development & Family Studies with a certification in Life Coaching and Organizational Development Coaching, plus 230 hours of RYT training, Reiki Master Cetifications, and 40+ years of personal experience of putting up with the BullSh*t to bring you a combination of coaching, consulting, genuine inquiry, and some ass whooping, (if needed) at Jondrea Phelps, LLC.

Here's how we will work together:

We meet weekly over Zoom video or phone for one-hour sessions .

You get weekly assignments that we co-create together to better process and learn the work.

You have email, text, and/or voice messaging access to me in between sessions to be in regular communication. You’ll never have to feel stuck or alone or have to process a situation without my support. I’m there every step of the way.

For those serious about a 1:1 relationship with me for The No BullSh*t Life  for a FREE 30 minute consult:

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