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work with Jondrea...
coaching, consulting, co-creating


4:45-60-minute sessions

each month


regular check ins PLUS you have full access to your coach


someone in your corner supporting YOU!



1:45-60-minute session

When you work with me 1:1, you get a mix of coaching (sincere inquiry, lots of questions you've probably never been asked before, accountability, etc.), consulting (I teach you how to set boundaries and acquire the correct resources to overcome hurdles) and co-create by working together to create the kind of thoughts, actions, and behaviors you want.

We can work on managing your negative self-talk, reframing your relationships with yourself and others, create healthy habits you crave, and much more.

You'll answer a crap load of questions that are important about where you’re stuck, what you want to change, and what results you want. Then we co-create a plan to work on to get you there.






These sessions are good for anyone who is:

  • Making a big life changing decision - leaving a job, a relationship, starting a business, ect.

  • Wanting to have a hard conversation with someone and don't know where to begin.

  • Needing clarity because the head is full of sticky crap that is not allowing you to honor yourself, values, and you don't know what to do next or maybe you just want to kick some ass but don't know how.

  • Ready to TAKE ACTION but stuck and don't understand why or how to get unstuck.

With an open mind and providing a safe space, together we will figure out what might be keeping you procrastinating and hold you accountable for taking the steps needed to get you to where YOU want to be.

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