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How much time per week do I need to do this?

Our calls will be 45-60 minutes in length and most of the weeks require homework that will take you about an additional hour (give or take). I do recommend setting aside some time for reflection.

Who is this best for?

People who are go-getters but who also feel stuck in the crap.
They know they were meant for more, but they might not be sure what that is. They’re sick and tired of the bullsh*t, they feel time is slipping away, and they can’t bear to live the next few decades the same as it’s always been.
They typically have kicked ass in their life at some point and that has been their measure of worth– and they know their lives are more than their career, home, bank account balances, cars, their appearance, the vacations they take etc...
When someone gets a glimpse of WHO they can be, but they don’t know how to get there, are the people I can help.

People who want amazing, fulfilling relationships in their life. 

People who want to let go of chronic perfectionism and learn how to be kind to themselves.

People who want to stop pleasing, proving, and performing for others so they can finally live for themselves.

People who ARE not stuck in blaming everyone else for their struggles and are ready to take responsibility to own their life.

What are your coaching hours?

I am flexible with my hours upon request but have most daytime and evening appointments available.

Do you have any group programs?

At this time, the only way to work with me is privately. Group programs may come back. Continue to look for updates.

I have clinical depression. Will this help me?

Unfortunately, I am not a trained psychologist or medical doctor, so I cannot take a client that has a clinical diagnosis such as depression, bipolar disorder, multiple personality disorder, drug addiction, narcissism, alcoholism or an eating disorder that is not currently being monitored by a doctor. If your symptoms are being managed, I can absolutely chat about working together.

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