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Life coaching and mentoring are beyond a popular trend. It's demand growth is sky rocking as the increase in desire to become the best version of oneself is a number one priority for many. It's not a just a new year resolution fad, but a lifetime change that can begin anytime.

More and more people are turning to Self-Empowerment Coaches to improve their relationships, careers and day to day lives. They can help you clarify goals, identify the blocks holding you back and then assist in developing strategies customized to you to overcoming obstacles. Traditional individuals would seek trained psychologists or counselors to help them, but some prefer support from someone who doesn't necessarily have the education but has experience or even both. Would you rather work with someone who has traveled the same or similar path and was successful or someone who has little-to-no-real-world experience?

Please know I share the difference between a Self-Empowerment Coach and Psychologist/License Counselor with a large respect for education and professionals. I myself, am a former educator, born into a family that education is the dominate career choice, has a B.A. in Psychology and in Human Development and Family Studies, a decade and countless hours with a psychologist for eating disorders, depression, anxiety, divorce, postpartum syndrome and a lot more! Without the psychologist, licensed counselors, professors, mentors, teachers, family, and friends, I WOULD NOT be in this very moment. The moment of living my most authentic self and purpose.

The foundation of a coaching relationship is trust and authenticity. This allows for vulnerability to be exposed by the Coach and Client. A Self-Empowerment Coach identifies a client's strengths and builds on them to help cultivate positive emotions. Positive emotions lead to a shift in mind set that creates an upward spiral. These positive emotions include inspiration, hope, pride, joy, gratitude, interest, love, serenity, and amusement to name just a few. Coaching creates a safe, positive, nonjudgement space for their clients to build on these emotions and grow. Coaches will not tell you what to do....we are told what to do our entire lives.

Self-Empowerment Coaching builds the best version of yourself!

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