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A_ _ irmations?!

Updated: Jan 10

Goals, intentions, targets, new year resolutions, purpose, journey, end game, and your mission are common descriptions used when we go after a better life, version of ourselves, or when we yearn to succeed. Often times we begin with a plan to achieve and even more often we don't achieve it. According to a study conducted by the University of Scranton, just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals, while around 80% fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions. Jaw dropping right? Another study found that 64% of people abandon their new year's resolutions and goals with in the first month! Besides going fast and hard right out of the gates to attain your goals, lack of time, money, and internal motivation as well as not liking how hard it is, there is 2 key parts to the success formula that is often overlooked. YOUR SELF-WORTH and SELF-VALUE!

What's the difference between them? Self-worth is simply defined as the level of importance you place on yourself. Self-value is when you see yourself beneficial. When there is a lack of these two, you are not committed to yourself therefore unable to do the work and sustain it to attain your goals, desires, purposes, intentions, or hit your targets. So how the hell can we place ourselves at high importance and beneficial? It begins with making a mind shift.

Mind shifting can be your superpower. As Albert Einstein once said, "we cannot solve our problems with the same thing we used when we created them...." Mind shifting is making a transition on your assumptions, beliefs, and overall thinking. When we mind shift, we are able to build our self-worth and self-value so it can be added to the success formula. How can you mind shift?

Drum roll using daily AFFIRMATIONS! Affirmations are positive statements that motivate us, inspire us, and encourages us to take action. When repeating them often, they imprint on your subconscious mind. The repetition of an affirmation will shift your habits, behaviors, and point of views. DON'T mistake an affirmation for a mantra! The difference between the two is the intention behind the words. Mantras are words, sounds, and invocations typically in the language of Sanskrit to support focusing and deepening a meditation practice. Examples of mantras are:

  • My mind is brilliant. My body is healthy. My spirit is tranquil.

  • I create my own path and walk it with joy.

  • My positive thoughts guide me to new heights.

I personally use mantras in my daily mediation practice and found them to be powerful. What helped me evolve, find my worth, self-value after experiencing divorce, job loss, illness, and tragedy (read my bio on my website for details) and stop myself from self-sabotaging, perfectionism, and people pleasing so I could achieve personal successes, was daily affirmations. Examples of affirmations:

  • I treat myself kindly and with compassion.

  • I am grateful for the things I have in life.

  • I appreciate the opportunities I've been given.

  • I give myself permission to be myself.

  • I give myself permission to take time for myself.

  • ​I forgive those who have hurt me.

  • I have the ability to recover from difficulties.

  • I am courageous.

  • I am capable of standing up for myself.

  • I approve of myself.

  • I love myself fully.

If you are someone that every time you begin a new year resolution, sets new goals or intentions but falls into the 80% of people who don't stick with it, mind shifting can be a great start and just what you need. To begin is simple, but also uncomfortable. Choose an affirmation and in the morning stand in front of a mirror and say the affirmation out loud 20, 30, 40 times. Do this daily for 21 days and then choose another affirmation and begin again. You can also write your affirmations in a journal, on a piece of paper daily 20, 30, 40 times, but do it right away in the morning for 21 days. In the morning your mind is clearer and unaffected by outside distractions we encounter throughout the day. Additionally, write your affirmation on a post it note or note card and stick it to a mirror, cabinet, the fridge so you encounter it multiple times throughout the day as if it is a reminder. When you begin to feel doubtful, like shit, come back to your affirmation for reassurance.

Addicted to affirmations,

Jondrea Phelps-Hell

ICF Certified Empowerment Coach

ICF Certified Organizational Development Coach

230 RYT Yoga Instructor

Reiki Master

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