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Anxiety is a feeling....not who you are.

Anxiety is one of many alarm systems in your body. It's the emotion to uncertainty or stress. When we name it verses describe the feeling, we are putting a label to it. When you say, "I have anxiety," you are marrying it with your identity, who you are. I am not dismissing anxiety. What I am sharing is how and why we shouldn't let it define us.

The most common time the emotion creeps up on people is either first thing in the morning or when the sun goes down or when you have been drinking. Ultimately, anxiety is a symptom of a hangover. How do you describe a hangover? Personally it feels like my brain is giggling in my tummy and going to explosively exit out my butt! TMI TMI! How you describe a hangover is how you would describe the feeling of your bodies alarm system. I have described my own experiences of anxiousness as my bones are shaking under my skin and my head feels like it is in a cloud.

A few weeks back I experienced an example of an individual who is married to their anxiety. I met a very talented young man at a choir competition. After he performed the audience stood from their seats, roared with applause and whistles. He kindly introduced himself to me and I complimented him on his beautiful performance. I shared that he was courageous to perform in front of hundreds of people. The young man's response was,!"I have anxiety, so I don't think it was a good performance." My heart broke for him. I think of him often and give hope that someday the young man can say, "Thank you! I didn't feel it was a good performance but Thank you.”

To help you navigate your feelings of anxiousness, write down situations or people that trigger it. This gives you a map that will allow you to put tools in place or make a plan for how you are going to cope with the anxious feelings you feel. Next, stop saying, "I have anxiety." Your thoughts and words are what you become. When you say you have anxiety, you are locking and sealing it to your identity. You become it. Remember, all anxiety is, is a feeling.

Stop saying, "I have anxiety," and start saying, "I feel anxious."

Not sure where to begin? Not sure what tools there are to help? Contact me at or email me at

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