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Becoming Self-Empowered?

Wikipedia defines self-empowerment as acting on your own authority. Internet sites such as and will share that self-empowerment is a conscious decision to take charge of your destiny! Self-empowerment is taking the wheel of your life with both hands to pursue the things that really matter in order to live a full satisfying life. Your BEST life.

How can you begin to be self-empowered?

  • Develop a Positive Attitude

Those who believe their destiny is in their control, are more likely to take charge of

their future. To cultivate an optimistic attitude and outlook, evaluate your strengths,

weaknesses, and trust in your ability to pursue your passions.

  • Set Reasonable Goals and Intentions

An important part of self-empowerment is having measurable achievable goals.

Having a strong understanding on how to set them can make you feel incredible

about your achievements along the way. If you want to drink more water each day

start with one glass a day for five days. After five days, add a second glass of water

increasing your water intake every five days. Start smaller and gradually increase.

  • Surround Yourself with Positive People

Laughter is transmittable but so is cynicism and negativity. Get around like minded,

self-motivated people. If the gloom or hopelessness begins to creep in on you,

schedule time with positive friends, peers, and/or family. Their energy can improve

your mental well-being, help combat negativity, and give you a boost to your self-


  • Practice Self-Care

Doing things that make you feel happy and healthy that are devoted for only you is

self-care. This could be going to gym, eating right, having a spa day or scheduling

time to relax, rejuvenate, and be still. When you are kind to yourself, you increase

your productivity, lift your confidence and gives you strength to overcome hurdles.

  • Use Positive Self-Talk

Tell yourself what you CAN do opposed to what you can't do. For example, if you

want to travel to Italy, instead saying "I don't have the funds for travel," try "I don't

have the funds YET and can save money to go." Self-affirmations and showing

confidence in your ability to overcome challenges to achieve a goal can help you

achieve your goals even faster.

  • Be Assertive

Those who are moving towards personal empowerment need to be comfortable

sharing thoughts, ideas, and needs.

  • Create an Action List

Success does not come overnight, but a culmination of choices and actions creates

success. Self-empowered people take action, have a growth mindset, and want to

learn and develop their abilities Make a list of action you need to take to achieve

your goal by doing research, create a plan, and establishing a schedule to complete

your plan. Just talking about it won't get you anywhere.

Don't let the pre-requisites to being self-empowered scare you from grabbing the wheel with both hands and driving the road to your BEST life. Already developed yourself trust and self-awareness, but need to turn up the self-empowered volume? Jondrea Phelps, LLC is here to help you navigate the self-empowerment journey whether it is for personal or professional reasons.

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