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Could this be the flu?

The body aches. The headaches. The dizziness. The nausea. The fatigue. The chest pain. The shortness of breath. It's hot! It's cold! It's loud! It's day 3 with the head in the toilet. It's day 4 on and off the toilet! The bathroom is my safe place. No appetite. No strength. No relief. Could this be the flu? It's got to be the flu.

It could be, but it very well could be an anxiety attack, GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and/or Dysthymia (persistent depressive disorder) even more so. listed that anxiety and/or depression can cause digestive disorders, heart disease, obesity, chronic pain, sleep disorders, substance abuse, respiratory illnesses, and thyroid problems. Yikes! So will putting band-aids on the symptoms make it all go away? No. However, getting to the root cause of the symptoms a.k.a the "emotional flu," possibly could help.

Treating the cause of the symptoms gives a opportunity to heal, to have relief, and to have joy. Could it all be cured? That is partly up to you. There is both genetic and environmentally contributions to anxiety and/or depression. What also is a contribution is the choices we make. We all have a choice to continue to replace band-aid after band-aid. We all have a choice to explore and find the cause(s) of the symptoms and to change our environment.

Do you want the band-aid or to heal, have relief and joy? Take charge of your "emotional flu." Stop letting it rob you of all the light and opportunities that are waiting for you.

Contact Jondrea Phelps, LLC to begin digging to your roots that might be causing the symptoms.

A chronic "emotional flu" survivor,

Jondrea Phelps-Hell

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