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Dare to be vulnerable?

What is vulnerability anyways? Besides being a noun, it is a state of being exposed to the possibilities of the unknown. It's putting yourself out there without knowing what will happen. Sounds scary right?

As humans we are taught that vulnerability is a sign of weakness. when in fact it's the complete opposite. Hundreds of research studies have been conducted on vulnerability and have concluded that vulnerability is the most accurate reading of courage. Without vulnerability, there is no courage or bravery.

Naturally humans have built a coat of armor that protects our vulnerability. We can see the armor working when someone is identified as a people pleaser, it's more important to be right verses knowing the right, talking over people, have to be the knower, and be the one up on everyone and everything. What this armor also does is strangles and depletes us to the point of self-crisis. If we are unaware of our armor, we are unable to show up without the armor and show up as our true self.

What does it take to recognize the armor is no longer serving you? That it is suffocating you. To break free of our armor and be vulnerable, it's a job that can't be done alone. Our mind is hard wired to not break it therefor an intervention of another person is needed to help break it.

At Jondrea Phelps, LLC, we provide a safe, positive, nonjudgmental space to help you navigate any journey. It could be a personal or professional block you are needing some support with; just know we are here!

Dedicated to delivering hope, joy, and relief-always working towards being vulnerable,

Jondrea Phelps-Hell

ICF Life Coach

ICF Organizational Development Coach

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