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Do you have a formula to support your mental health?

Your mental health is the heart of your authenticity!

Five common components that support mental health are:

Do something for your body every day. Move the vessel that holds your incredible soul by taking a walk, going for a bike ride, stretching. You can even take it further by trying productive movement such as vacuuming the entire house, raking the yard, working in your garden, deep cleaning the car or shoveling the snow. Make movement fun by roller skating, snow shoeing, going sledding, kayaking, or playing water volleyball to name a few.

Get the right amount of sleep for you! For some eight hours does the trick. For others it could be as little as five hours a night or as much as ten hours. The time of day you sleep will also contributes to the quality of your sleep. Hours between 8:00pm and 1:00am is when you most likely have a deep sleep which is essential for feeling rested and healthy.

Practice gratitude daily. Before your feet meet the ground in the morning, think, say or write down a minimal of three things you are grateful for. Be grateful for the roof over your head, the bed you get to rest in, the sunrise you get to see. Be grateful for the small and the big things in your life. It can help in identifying you are more blessed than you have been aware of.

Be where your feet are! Put down the phone and lift your head up! Look, smell, listen, feel, and be still. Do it often.

Do something for your soul daily. What is it that lights you up from your toes to your head? Reading a book, painting a picture, crafting, hunting, fishing, listening to your favorite music, dancing...whatever it is...make time to do it daily! It doesn't have to be for hours. Even 10 minutes will make a difference.

Don't know what your formula is? Don't feel you are worth making self-care a priority? Too busy to make it a priority. Contact Jondrea Phelps, LLC at or email us at to create your formula that keeps your authenticity alive!

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