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Don't be Fooled by The Cover of a Book....

The same statement can be used for humans. The body is just the cover but when you begin to read the words under the cover, a story unfolds. The words in a book represent the souls in our bodies. What you see on the outside doesn't necessarily tell the details of a story.

For years I would hear from people, "you are so pulled together.....I wish I could pull my life together." I cringe every time I was told this along with, "you always have a smile on your face....I wish I could be as happy as you." Best one yet, "you are so thin for having three children....why can't I be that thin?" I interpretated this as people feeling less than me because they weren't like me. It made me sick. The very last thing I ever want to do is make others feel they have to be a particular way in order to feel worthy, valued, and accepted. It actually angers me and made me feel guilty.

That smile on my face was a cover up. My thinness was me running ragged to maintain an image. Behind closed doors, I was far from having it together. The closest to being pulled, was pulled apart. I may have not appeared to need help, but I needed it the most. That armor I was carrying, that smile, wasn't just hurting me, but it was hurting others and it needed to stop. At age 35 I took off the armor and began to stand naked, fully exposed, and committed to being raw. What a relief! What freedom! Was it scary at first? Absolutely? Is it hard? YES. Was it worth it? MOST DEFENIATELY!

Do you or someone you know need the cover of their book to be opened? A story to be heard? At Jondrea Phelps, LLC we navigate not just the journey to opening the cover of your book but discover with you how to live your story.

Contact us at or visit to schedule your FREE 30 minute consult.

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