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Feeling and feeling it all!

Last week I shared that we are not messy, but life is messy.

I got vulnerable and shared the tears I had been shedding and the anger I was feeling.

I received an overwhelming amount of support which my words cannot express my appreciation. I never knew it was out there at that capacity or level!

I also received messages questioning how I can be a Self-Empowerment coach if I don't have my own "shit" put together and figured out.

A Self-Empowerment Coach is NOT perfect, nor do they live YOUR best life! Coaches live THEIR best life and coach others to live THEIR best life.

The beauty of being a coach is that we are not claiming to be "perfect" nor have our lives figured out. A coach is not someone who is a master of something nor someone who is portraying to be one.

We know the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is all the things we have learned through personal and professional experiences.

Wisdom is what we have gained from it. Wisdom becomes knowledge when we have applied it and lived it.

Myself and my clients BOTH must be willing. We BOTH must be receptive. One IS NOT better than the other, but equal. We are on mutual grounds with one another. We BOTH are willing to be vulnerable, trusting, willing and wanting to change, to fall and get back up again.

As YOUR Self-Empowerment Coach, I navigate a journey YOU want. NOT what I want or what I am living. It's a journey of being authentically you not what society wants to believe is perfect. It's a journey to becoming YOUR best self.

As YOUR Self-Empowerment Coach, I guarantee not to be anything less than my authentic self which means, I too can get angry, frustrated, sad, depressed, joyful, happy, and a whole lot more!

I am extremely proud of my 7 days of tears and my 3 days of anger. Why might you ask? I have learned and accepted that being comfortable with being uncomfortable is strength. That pushing and shoving my feelings away, makes me less than the person I am! It is robbing me of my authenticity, my freedom, my best self.

I am a firm believer in sharing the truth! The good, the ugly, the bad, the beautiful and so so much more! Why do we only share the good, the so called "perfect?" Well that's for another time....

Need a safe, confidential space to be 100% you and judgement free? To be understood and have NO shame in your truth?

Jondrea Phelps, LLC is the place.

Choosing to feel instead of shove,

Jondrea Phelps-Hell, Founder of Jondrea Phelps, LLC

Certified Self-Empowerment Coach

Organizational Development Coach

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