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Finding Yourself

"What kind of profession are you interested in after college?" is the exact question posed to an 11-year-old student by their school counselor. The look on the student's face expressed they were clueless! Do many 11-year olds know even who they are let alone what profession they are working towards? How many of you knew what you wanted to do as a child or even now? Swaying between interior design, teaching, banking, psychology, stay at home mom (yes, I believe that is a career), real estate sales, singer, actor along with years of going in and out of college....... at thirty-seven I still remained clueless.

Those thirty-seven years wasn't just cluelessness, but also a human on a journey. A journey that was not easy. It was filled with mental and emotional trauma, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, divorce, depression, job loss, eating disorders, financial losses, severe illnesses of children and myself and much more. The best word to describe it is EXHAUSTING. Not only was it exhausting, but I felt completely lost. Who the hell was I?

With the support of others who believed in me (my parents & children, yoga instructors, a reiki practitioner, life coach, & a small group of spectacular women I met) a new journey began. They re-taught me how to forgive, heal, find my worth, believe in my worth and be devoted to it, re-connect with my authentic self, and be grateful for every single step taken to this very moment. I was able to choose to save my own life!

I began to feel and love sincerely. I became brave and strong. I was awakened and grounded. The light with in me was so bright that it was hard to rest and not be excited for anything that my new journey would bring. A new journey that led me back to my authenticity and a purpose driven life. A purpose that is fed by a passion to serve others by giving them hope, joy, and relief just like what I received. To help others be reunited with the best version of themselves.

The passion to serve others began to tug at my heart about three years ago. It hurt really bad. The more I ignored it, the more it would hurt from suppressing it. It became very obvious that my passion was my purpose. The signs have been there all along, but I wasn't ready to receive them. An example is this very letter enclosed that I wrote to my 8th grade English teacher. Recently she came across when cleaning her classroom. She sent it to me all in perfect timing, the day before I gave my resignation as an Internal Bank Auditor. The closing line reads, "You are the best just the way you are." That letter reminded me of who I authentically am AND was the sign that I was doing the right thing, to live my purpose by advocating to and for others to be the best version of themselves and remain authentic.

For some of us it is easier remain authentic, living a purpose driven life. Just because it isn't obvious what you want to do when you grow up or in the next season of your life, doesn't mean you have to be miserable or repeat the same path over and over again. It doesn't mean you have to give up who you truly are. You may be just a little lost and need someone to be of assistance to help you find yourself and your next journey. That is exactly what Jondrea Phelps, LLC is here for. We offer opportunity in a safe, non-judgment space, for others to move past blocks that are preventing them from choosing a different journey, especially one that they desire.

Living Her Purpose,

Jondrea Phelps-Hell

ICF Certified Life Coach

ICF Organizational Development Coach

Reiki Practitioner

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