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Grow to Success

The majority of people who seek out support from a coach, therapist, teacher, and/or mentor know what they want to achieve. Otherwise, the seeking would not happen. How to achieve what they want becomes the question. At Jondrea Phelps, LLC we help our clients reach their goals using 8 foundational steps that stem from the concept of “growth.”

Growth isn’t limited to just the client, but also encompasses the relationship between the client and the coach. This is accomplished in step 1, building trust. We build trust by sharing our story.

Step 2 is specifically identifying what you want and/or need to achieve, the GOAL.

Step 3 coaches ask questions to gain a better understanding of your Reality, what is happening now.

Step 4 involves seeking out your Options, what could you do?

Then there is the tough question but not impossible that shows up in step 5, what Will you do?

Things begin to become exciting in step 6 as you and your coach develop Tactics that work for you. It's to fruition with the how and when you will do it. Your coach holds you accountable.

Step 7 is simple as these tactics become your Habits so you can sustain success. We also tackle and overcome Hurdles.

Finally, a celebration takes place in step 8 because you have received RESULTS.

Growth + Results = SUCCESS

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