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Kick Fear to The Curb With Your Words

Let's be upfront & honest. Facing your fears is scary & hard. But as Glennon Doyle, an American author & activist, has done & proven time & time again, we CAN do hard things even when it's scary. For Glennon she dreamed of a loving, loyal, trusting relationship, & to freely be authentic without being restricted & judged. Despite societal acceptance & the disapproval of her parents, Glennon opted out of her broken heterosexual, diseased filled marriage, even despite of the effects she feared it would have on her children. Scared to be loved & to love again, Glennon entered a same sex relationship, found love & married Olympic soccer star, Abby Wambach. Glennon is now free, her children are thriving, & her relationship with her ex-husband is healthy.

So how do people like Glennon & me kick fear to the curb? A common & successful way is with our words. We can think & dream all the time, but that doesn't combat the fear. When doing my undergraduate work in psychology back in 2012, I learned that small doses of exposure of fear is a common practice when treating patients suffering from different phobias. Seeing, hearing, & feeling your fear in small doses over a period of time will help you combat it. You can do the exact same thing to overcome the fears that block your ability to dream & convert your dreams to reality.

Whatever your dream, your goal, your desire is.....write it down! Put it into words that you can see on paper, say out loud, hear yourself when reading the words, & feel what your dream, goal, and/or desire is. Be very specific, detailed, & take 20-30 minutes to write these words on paper. They will be your greatest tool to conquer your fear. When you have completed this, place your writing somewhere that you can see it, read it, speak it, and feel it daily. Mine is on the wall above our meditation alter. You can place yours on a fridge door, closet door, the mirror in a bathroom, frame it & put it on a desk or dresser. Just place it where you will see it every day.

Daily, read your words out loud, shut down your eyes, and visualize your dreams. Profound as it may be, the effects of a few minutes to do this is even more profound. Totally immerse yourself in your dream. Let's say your dream is to fly to a tropic island, but your scared to fly. Hear the sounds of the waves crashing on the shoreline. Feel the breeze of the wind cooling your skin. Smell the blossomed flowers. After a week, extend your visualization to 5 minutes, then six, then ten.

The feelings & emotions you will receive from this habit will propel you to take action & make your dream, goal, and/or desire a reality. Each day you use this tool, your feelings & emotions become stronger. That very strength you created combats your fears. Nothing more is in question, doubt disappears, & excuses are non-existent. Your dream has arrived in the form of reality verses a thought.


Jondrea Phelps-Hell

International Certified Life and Organizational Development Coach

Founder and Owner of Jondrea Phelps, LLC

Need help moving past your fears? Visit to schedule your FREE 30 minute consult.

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