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Need Some Luck?

In celebration of Saint Patrick's Day and how lucky I am for all of you, I am sharing my 5 favorite habits that can make you luckier.

Before I show you the pot of gold, understand that luck isn't random. It's science! This comes from the world's leading expert on luck Dr. Richard Wiseman. His research has proven that the luckiest people don't have magic powers but have daily habits that make them lucky.

Here are 5 that Dr. Richard Wiseman has found and have helped me and others be lucky:

#1 Try Stuff. Lucky people take action. Action places you where luck can actually find them. So stop hiding under the covers. Stop analyzing and stop waiting for the right time or to have more time and just do it already!

#2 Listen to your intuition. Lucky people go with their gut feelings. It's what guides them in their relationships, career choices, and financial decisions. What feels ill in your tummy, hurts in your head, or makes your bones shake under the skin......that my friend could be signs that your intuition is screaming at you and not in a bad way, but in a way to make you listen!

#3 Expect good things to happen. Lucky people are optimistic and expect good things to happen-a whomping 85% of lucky people believe their dreams will come true. That believing is the drive and motivation that pushes and places them in the direction you desire. Believe in your dreams!

#4 Tough times are temporary. Lucky people are optimistic. They see the good during the bad and take action to prevent more bad luck verses becoming the victim or using it as an excuse. The bumps in the road are just signs to re-orientate yourself on the journey. Speed bumps slow you down but they do not stop you. Don't stop when things are bad, keep going.

#5 Make other people feel good. Lucky people have contagious, upbeat energy. You can't help but smile when you are around a lucky person who notices the good in the world and you. Yesterday I danced and sang a song to my collogue. My voice was off tune and my dancing was horrendous. However, my collogue laugh and continue to smile every time she saw me for the rest of the day. It made me smile for the rest of the day too. Unlucky people love to complain and gossip. Dance, sing, smile, even if you suck at it.

Try any of these 5 habits and become LUCKY!

Need help starting? Contact me at or email me at

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