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Negative or Positive

Many choose the new year as a time to begin something new, set new goals, establish a new year resolution. But what about trying something new when a new season has arrived? Spring is our newest season to have begun so what perfect timing to let our mindset spring forward into positivity.

This week we are tackling our mindset. A new kind of mindset. It will be short, simple, and to the point as it represents how easy and painless changing your mindset can be. Follow the example given every day, right here, think of a time you had a negative thought in your day and rephrase it to a positive thought.

I have talked over and over again as to what we think we become and the power of our thoughts. What you say is what you become and do. If you are a negative individual, negative things will continue to happen to you. How you think, respond, and what you do is all on.......YOU.

An example of changing our mindset from a negative thought to a positive thought is:

"I am exhausted."


"I have accomplished a lot today!"


"I always make mistakes."


"I am always learning and growing."

Are you a negative Nelly? Do negative things happen to you often? Contact Jondrea Phelps, LLC at for a FREE 30 minute session.

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