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Never ask how?

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

How can you not ask it? There are so many things we really don't know "how" to do.

How do I cook veggie lasagna?

How do I change the tire on my car?

How do I paint a cabinet?

How do I build a deck?

How do I repair the leaky faucet?

How do I open a bank account?

How do I write a resume?

It's a wonderful thing that we have technology to ask these practical "how to" questions. "Alexa! How do I get a lipstick stain off my shirt?"

"Hey Google! How do I meet my soulmate?"

The answers to our "how's" are literally at the tip of our fingers because of technology and none of us seem to hesitate to use it! It's fast and simple to do! We don't wait for days to learn how to make lasagna. We don't get down or stressed out over it, but instead we figure it out just in time for dinner.

Yes there are many things we do not know "how" to do and need to ask.

The "how" I am referring to never ask are the ones that you keep putting off because you are unsure.

How do I be happy?

How do I stop caring what others think of me?

How do I be consistent?

Here's the punch, you already know how so you need to stop asking it. All the answers are with in you. They are simple.

How do I be happy? Decide to be happy. As soon as you wake up, say, "I am happy."

How do you be consistent with going for a walk? You put on your coat and shoes, open your front door, and exit your home. Look at consistency as one day at a time. It's a process not an arrival.

How do I stop caring what others think of me? Decide that it does not matter. Ask yourself, "What does it matter what they think?" or "Does what they think help me move along or hold me back?" Ask yourself out loud and answer yourself out loud.

Wondering "how" prevents you from taking action, so stop asking it!

Want help in navigating the journey to stop asking "how?" Contact Jondrea Phelps, LLC at or email for a FREE 30 minute session.

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