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NO Fear

Does anyone remember the apparel brand "NO Fear," from the 90's?

I personally felt like a bad ass on the brink of being rebellious when wearing a NO Fear t-shirt to school. The NO Fear company was launched in 1989 by two brothers that shared their time between motocross racing and being tree surgeons. In the early 90's the NO Fear brand became one of the top sport brands in the country. How did the company grow so quickly in the competitive apparel industry in a short time? They sold their motor bikes for a set of sewing machines. They ditch their part time jobs that brought home a paycheck week after week to expand their strong passionate feelings of NO Fear for on death, laziness, risk, contempt for social norms, and law. The brothers took on their biggest fastest race and fear yet!

The fear of failure is just one of many fears we face. Many of us are afraid of illness, violence, saving for retirement, and government corruption. There is the fear of failure, getting fat, losing our job, or not being enough. There is the fear of a relationship, trying new things, change, and even success. The list is nearly endless. Are any of these familiar to you?

Fear paralyzes us yet on the other hand we need fear to survive as well. It's what triggers our fight or flight responses when being attacked. Fear can also motivate you. An example is when the doctor tells you, you are overweight, your blood sugar is high, and cholesterol is too. All that are life threatening. OUCH! There are options. 1. Do nothing and die even though you don't want to die. 2. Take meds to help regulate it, but not change your habits and suffer from the effects that lesson the quality of your life. 3. Take meds, change your habits, increase the quality of your life and your life span. If you fear losing your life to death or losing the quality of your life, most likely that fear is going to motivate you to choose the last option.

Here's how fear can paralyze you as well. For years you have dreamed of owning your own business. You have done the research to find out how to make it happen, got the certifications, and possibly went back to school and obtained a degree. You are fully aware how to make it happen, but the temporary sacrifices such as time and money need to be made scare you. In addition, your current situation guarantees a paycheck, a team of people, options for retirement, and possibly health insurance. As a business owner, it's all on you to keep the business thriving. Those sacrifices, the unknown, the pressure to succeed alone, and risk of tarnishing your reputation due to the possibility of failure, becomes your fear. That fear prevents you from taking the leap. You remain working for someone else; you remain content, and your business remains a dream. Fear has paralyzed you.

I am not asking anyone to have NO Fear, however that 90's clothing line was kick ass. What I am saying is kick fear to the curb. This week, tune in to learn about fear and how it helps us, how to overcome it, how it stops us from moving forward, and what to expect when you choose to face your fear.


Jondrea Phelps-Hell

International Certified Life and Organizational Development Coach

Founder and Owner of Jondrea Phelps, LLC

Need help moving past your fears? Visit to schedule your FREE 30 minute consult.

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