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Not ready? Do it anyway

If you wait until you are ready, you will never be ready! Regardless of what it is such as starting to eat healthier, commit to intentionally moving your body daily, trying a new hobby, making a career shift, diving into dating after a divorce or a breakup, buying a home, marriage, retiring......whatever it is, if you are waiting to be ready you will never be ready and never start.

Are we ever really ready to take any leaps? How many times did life hit you in the face when you were not prepared, and you survived? Not only did you survive, but you also most likely grew, learned, and became stronger. In the heat of it all, it doesn't seem that you are rising above it, but you are. Here's why: those who take the leap before they are ready are the first to learn, adapt, and fly well above the expectations you ever had.

Start now. Get scrappy. Start learning. Stay humble. Make mistakes and then make it right!

At Jondrea Phelps, LLC we help navigate others to identify the leap and support the leap they are wanting to take. You can email us at, request a consult appointment at, you can call us at 715-271-6289.

Started when I wasn't ready, devoted to helping others take a leap when not ready,

Jondrea Phelps-Hell

ICF Certified Life Coach

ICF Organizational Development Coach

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