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One thing can bring you more!

Do you want more happiness in your life? Do you already have all the happiness in your life? Happiness comes from with in us. Have you found your inner happiness? Inner happiness leads to external happiness and not the other way around.

This week specifically is the perfect week to begin your journey to happiness. It's a week that millions are observing Thanksgiving, a time to pause, reflect, and be grateful for family, friends, food, and much much more! Taking this time to think about all the positive things of your past and present is being grateful.

Over 50 research studies have proven being grateful is the single most powerful tool to becoming happy. Benefits of having attitude for gratitude is it's cheap and does not take much time. A few additional benefits is that it makes us healthier, strengthens our positive attitude, boosts our careers, develops our personality, improves our sleep, and deepens our relationships with others.

Check in at for daily insight on how to begin your gratitude journey to a happy life in observation of Thanksgiving.

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