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Staying Exactly Where You Are is Harder

What is one thing you are afraid of doing because you are worried about what it will require you to do? Staying put doesn't always remain to be easy, it actually can be harder. That is why it is critical to choose your hard.

Changing your eating and exercise habits and losing weight and maintaining your weight is hard. But isn't it hard to remain overweight? It's hard to move when you are overweight. It's hard to sleep when you are overweight. It's hard to be restricted when you are overweight. Being short of breath and climbing the stairs is hard! Living with low energy and brain fog is hard.

Being in a relationship is hard. Being single is hard. Making lots of money is hard. But making ends meet is also hard. Staying in shape is hard but staying out of shape is hard. Being sad is hard. Staying happy is hard. Being angry is hard. Staying at peace is hard. We all dream about a different life than what we are currently living. What prevents us from changing is the work we have to do to make it happen is hard. What we fail to recognize is that staying exactly where we are is actually harder.

Instead of worrying about what is harder, just do it. Stop thinking you can make your cake and eat it too. Stop negotiating the price of what it takes to be your best authentic self, to be great, to be incredible. Stop the sporadic attempts to change, to start your journey, and choose your hard. Any processes that will take you to lifestyle changes that will last, you have to be persistent and consistent. You can not let the hard times stop you.

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