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The Struggle is Real

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Don't be embarrassed about struggling. I know we are coming out of the era that we only share on social media the flawless side of our lives. The side where we are the best and masters at what we do and are. However, you can now scroll and read about others tougher times, view pictures that are no longer photo shopped and filtered, or videos of our mishaps. Personally, these posts are incredibly raw, inspiring, exudes courage and have no shame on sharing their struggles.

However, anyone who is great at anything, knows there is NO shame in struggling, working hard, and making mistakes. It all is part of the journey on getting to where they want to be. Anyone who is critiquing you or doubting you, is probably someone who isn't going after their own goals and desires. It's always the people doing less that is projecting their insecurities onto others. They feel shame in their struggles.

Stop being afraid at looking silly or dumb. Stop being afraid at looking like a beginner at something. Stop being ashamed of the struggle at becoming better. There is no shame in being consistent and working hard to getting where you want to be in your career, your marriage, your health, EVERYTHING! Stop caring on what others are thinking when you are struggling. What you really should care about is working when no one else is looking. Working when no results are happening. Working through the learning curve.

Get excited for the struggles because you know what it will do? It creates strength and speed. Ask any successful person if this is true and they will tell you it is key to be excited for the struggles. Being bad at something, struggle, failures are the enviable. Quitting is optional. Letting it get you down is optional.

Set aside your pride. Abandon the all or nothing mentality. Take the word perfectionism out of your vocabulary. Know that the expertise you are seeking, comes from the growth you acquire when you struggle. Your competition is not others on social media, in your career, the other parents in your friend groups. Your competition is your ego. Your competition is that thing that sits in-between our ears called your mind.

Want a partner to struggle with? A partner who has struggled. Who can relate and be your cheerleader? Contact me at to set up a FREE 30-minute session.

***Post dedicated to my best friend, soul mate, partner, twin flame, & husband.....a man who has always worked hard to remain consistent through the struggles, stays truthful in his failures and mishaps and never took shame, all while achieving his goals and the best version of himself. I am so so so proud of you!

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