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Tools For Friday's Feelings

It's Friday and the weekend is at your fingertips, but feelings of being overwhelmed, sad, depressed, anxiousness and such are there too! Dang it! Such a buzz kill! Here are a few tips to help with the hangover so you can enjoy your Friday and the weekend:

Angry: exercise, full cardio workout or any movement that keeps you and others safe. Bike riding has been a favorite for a long time and many miles!

Jealous: focus on yourself, your qualities and uniqueness, write them down and say them out loud.

Anxiety: be more mindful. Take a inhale to the count of 6, hold it for four, and exhale for 6 and repeat.

Irritated: widen your perspective. Ask questions to learn instead of proving a point. Hard, but not impossible and one I have never regretted doing.

Tired: turn the phone off and go to sleep! A personal much that we don't allow cell phones in our bedrooms.

Uninspired: take a shower a cold one, turn on your favorite music, DANCE like a fool! Another personal favorite.

Self-doubt: journal, allow a stream of consciousness to flow. Oh who am I kidding, I love and do this one too. Plus, a piece a paper never judges, talks back, and can hold a secret.

Depressed: walk in nature, spend time with pets and friends. Shoot! This one has never failed either. Highly recommend.

IF these tools don't work for you, let's work together to unveil the tools that do! Contact me at or go to

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