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What is Your Self-Care?

We are living in a time where self-care is being blasted in our faces. We are being told and shown whether it's on T.V, the radio, social media, magazines, and billboards that in order for you to be happy, be healthy, and be balanced in all areas of your life, you must make time for self-care. They are 100% correct!

There is nothing wrong with splurging here and there to take care of yourself. I do it from time to time as well. An example is how I paid someone else to do my nails when I enjoy doing my own nails. I bought myself a pair of shoes that I feel like myself in even though I didn't need them as I have plenty of shoes. The self-care you want to avoid is the kind of splurge that gives you a temporary feeling of goodness until you see or find something else even better.

My self-care or what you see on social media when someone is posting having a latte and a delicious scone at their favorite coffee shop as their self-care, may also not be what you need to refill yourself. Having coffee, meditating, and journaling before the sun rises and the children waking up serves me but may not serve you. Taking my shoes and socks off and digging my toes into soft rich grass grounds me, but it may not ground you.

It's important not to get caught up with the self-care tactics we are being blasted with as the only way you can feel good. What you want to pay attention to is when your "self-care" doesn't have a lasting effect.

You can begin identifying your personal self-care preference by starting to ask yourself, "what re-charges me?" If that is working long demanding hours in a career that is your passion, then that is your self-care. If it is listening to pod-cast after pod-cast about fly fishing, a sport you are passionate about and enjoy doing, then listen. If it is reading a book all day or running a marathon that fuels you, then that is your self-care.

The frequency of self-care is soley up to you. Do not let others influence how often or how little you should take care of yourself. Gauge the frequency of self-care on how you feel emotionally and physically.

Self-care is not a competition, it's not a time to push and shove or compare with others who 's self-care is better. It's not what works for everyone else that will make it work for you. Self-care is simply what fuels your body, mind, and soul.

Need help identifying, define, and establish what your self-care plan is? Contact me at to receive support?

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