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What Kind of Life?

The human being is planted with the internal desire to live a meaningful and happy life. It is nearly an instinctive trait to want to be connected with ourselves and others. We want to feel important, a part of something incredible, and that we are making a difference in our lifetime. We want to reflect on our past, be proud, and have no regrets. Following through with this internal desire is what can be referred to as "Living Your Best Life."

Each of us are unique therefor there is no comparing what "living your best life" looks and sounds like to anyone else's life. It's so exclusive to you that when you are living your best life you are living by YOUR truest values, what makes YOU happy, and what can be colored by what you are doing to make a difference. It's living in your authenticity with no shame. Is it easy? Is it hard? The journey there is, but once you have reached a particular point, it is freeing, liberating, and joyous!

What makes it hard to live your best life? What other people think of you. I always feel like I am preaching to the choir on this, but it is the #1 influencer on keeping us away from living our best and authentic life. We spend so much time worrying about what other people are doing, trying to live the life that society expects of us, that we lose track of what makes us happy and what OUR best life actually looks like. Is that you? Have you lost track of what YOUR best life truly is?

If it is, first focus on being the BEST version of yourself for yourself.

You read that right!

Selfish sounding, isn't it?

IT'S not!

Why? When you are not being the best version of yourself, you are not only stealing from yourself everything you desire, but you are stealing from those you love and what they desire....YOU and all of YOU. Stop trying to be something or someone other than you. Focus on who you ultimately want to be. Utilize your strengths and be proud of what makes you different from everyone else. You are intelligent exactly the way and who you authentically are.

Secondly, observe yourself. To find the best in you, you have to get to know yourself deeper which means paying extra attention to how you respond to people, certain situations, what makes you happy, what makes you angry, what drains your energy, and what gives you energy. Also, observe what habits are serving you mentally and physically and what habits are not. The ones that are not, get rid of them.

Thirdly, set an intention not a goal. Goals and intentions are different. Goals are a list of things you want to accomplish daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Intentions are consciously deciding what positive emotions you want to feel. If you don't achieve an intention, it is easier to regroup and try again verses if you set a goal. Setting an intention can also help eliminate the feeling of feeling overwhelmed because you have consciously chosen to seek only positive emotions.

Fourth, visual your best life! Visualizing involves how it would feel and makes your intentions concrete. Choose your focus, set the intention on how you want to feel when you accomplish your focus, and lock into that feeling. It helps you settle into a mindset which will carry you throughout your entire journey of living YOUR best life.

Need a partner or support in discovering your best life or getting back to YOUR best life?

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