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Why would you leave?

I turned around and left my marriage in 2013 to have the opportunity to choose myself and that is completely OK!!

Sounds selfish? It's not. Why? I wasn't able to be my best self. When you are not your best self you and everyone else around you will suffer.

By being less than, I was doing a disservice to my husband and my children. I was teaching them not to love genuinely. I was teaching them to be fake, to disrespect their authenticity, and that happiness does not matter. Everyone else's happiness does. I was ALWAYS there for them but never present.

I am NOT saying leave your marriage if you are unhappy.

Please know over 5 years of working on myself with counseling, antidepressants, obsessive workouts, trying countless self help tactics, even went back to college for degrees in Psychology and Human Development to gain more knowledge on how I can be happy, none of it worked!

To this very day, my three daughters and ex-husband are grateful that I chose the path I did. They now have a friend, a mom that is present, gives genuine love and is beyond happy.

When your job, church, marriage, a friendship, a hobby etc is hindering your ability to be your authenticity self-consider choosing yourself first.

Need help navigating the journey of choosing yourself?

Jondrea Phelps, LLC is ready to help.

Sincerely from a woman that turned around and left with no regrets,

Jondrea Phelps-Hell

ICF Certified Life Coach

ICF Certified Organizational Development Coach

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