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You Are NOT Your Past & Your Past is NOT You

It is easy to fall into the victim role of your past and letting it define who you are. When you have been the victim, it's difficult to stop being the victim. By continuing to see yourself as the victim of the past, things will remain and never change. You remain letting the past be you and you be the past. Have you ever said or heard others say, "Why is this always happening to me," or "Why can't I just catch a break?" Continuing to let the past hold you in the role of the victim, the past will continue repeat itself over and over again.

Making the choice to view the past as a lesson, you can begin to forgive and move on to giving it gratitude. YES! GRATITUDE!!! By taking these steps, shedding the victim role will become possible and you will evolve into being in your very best form-YOURSELF!

Thinking this is impossible? Confused where to begin? At Jondrea Phelps, LLC we are here to help you stop being your past and not letting the past be you!

Former victim,

Jondrea Phelps-Hell

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