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You Can't Force It!

It has been a hot long minute! 7 months to be exact since the last blog post. There is no shame in walking away from blogging for a while. When you force something, most likely it's not going to be your best work, effective, and efficient. You will sit and struggle for quite a while and most likely cause you to quit. The experience will leave you with an unpleasant memory and contribute to procrastinating on other tasks as well.

Your brain is a power engine which takes 20% of your energy. When you are constantly fighting a force, that energy gets drained quickly. Eventually you may get things done, but then are too exhausted to do anything else. Even the things you enjoy doing the most. Fighting the force over and over again will also lead you to burn out. I have experienced these firsthand multiple times and it's bullsh*t.

A way to help combat this force is to work with your brain, your inner self, and with the body's natural energy cycles. Create and produce when you are at your peak performance level. This is how I am now able to sit here and begin to blog again. How do you know if you are not working with your body's natural energy cycles? I took some time to reflect on my past habits and current habits. The changes in the habits that occurred were interrupting my natural rhythms. As you have heard, good sleeping, eating, and exercise habits have a genuine impact on the way we function. Well folks, my sleeping and eating habits took a big turn. Though I was having a lot of fun, I was staying up late, getting up late, consuming foods that did not support my gluten allergy, and my alcohol consumption increased. Additionally, the anxiety, self-doubt, and depression were setting in. Right behind it was me being stuck, trapped, blocked, unproductive, and unmotivated.

Two questions had to be asked and answered in order to make the force stop:

  1. Do I want to continue this way? NO! I have been there, done that, and it's exhausting, it sucks, it's bullsh*t.

  2. How important is it to me? VERY! I didn't work hard to get out of the bullsh*t just to go back! Not only is it affecting me, but it is affecting the people I love and care about the most.

Thinking about how I felt when I took care of myself and how it feels to not, scares me. Let it scare you. Let it be the motivation to not be ashamed to pause when something is forced, turn within yourself to reflect and then take baby steps to make the necessary changes so you can work in the flow and not against the force.

Need help with identifying what habits may need to change or how to align yourself with your body's natural energy cycle? Contact me at

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