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You think you are messy? Guess again!

You are not messy….you are just living in a messy world

Although our world has been battling the war on trash, a topic near and dear to me, let’s talk about the mess that is polluting our minds

You may cry, get angry, have the shakes from your nerves & anxiety, can’t sleep, exhausted, haven’t showered in a few days, have chosen to binge watch your TV, skipped the gym for the past week to cope with this messy life, does not mean you are a mess!

What does it mean? It means you are feeling and processing this messy world we live in.

To expect yourself and others to let the messy world go, not bother you, is an unrealistic expectation for everyone. For some it is possible, but for many it is not.

The inability to not let things just go, doesn’t make you less than, weak, or a mess. It doesn’t make how you respond right or wrong.

Where it can get really messy, is when we choose to not clean up from time to time. Don’t mistake this for the common sayings, "Suck it up butter cup,” or “Pull up your big girl/boy pants and walk it off!” That’s exactly what i am not suggesting doing.

What is being suggested is to give yourself time and grace to process and move forward. That is where the release and freedom are!

If that means you need to cry, like I have every day for the past week or be angry, like I have been for the past 3 days, then do it! Just as long as you are not harming yourself or others.

Need help giving yourself permission to have time and grace? Need help moving forward and recognizing that you are not a mess?

Go to for your FREE 30-minute consult Or Email and request an appointment at

Jondrea Phelps, LLC

This post is dedicated to my incredible husband, Matthew Hell, my understanding ex-husband, Trevor John, our three courageous daughters, and some very patient colleagues at NB- THANK YOU for supporting all of who I authentically am. Thank you for honoring my time and grace.

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